Crack Filling

Crack Filling


MegaEpox21, as the name implies, is an epoxy resin that is majorly utilized for your crack filling needs of the stones attached to the commercial building floors. It is your best companion for you to repair the cracks on your marble or granite countertops, floors, etc. To add more value to it, if you are using a hairline crack, then it is necessary for you to make use of a clear epoxy resin to fill the gap and make it smooth for the proper functioning of the building floor or your countertop.
MegaEpox21 is one of the most preferred and innovative, multipurpose adhesive solutions from HiTek, a leading manufacturer, to help your clients to fill surface cracks, gaps, and holes on the commercial building floor. Enriched with the cement-based formula, you can provide crack filling within and out with a smooth finish.


  • Crystal clear & non-yellowing two component epoxy resin.

PackingPart A – 1 KgPart B – 500 gms

What difference would that make for your countertop or floor? Well, that is one of the most unique questions that we may have. The answer lies in the newly carved floor that would give you a shining outcome and eye catchy visibility with its visually appealing features. You will never believe the floor was once cracked! That’s the difference that it makes for your floors. 

The epoxy glue will be applied to the cracked stone area on the building floor and will be left for a few minutes within which the extra portions can be taken off and the floor would look astonishing for you! It is the excellent and most preferred marble crack filling option that can be extended to granites as well. 

We take pride in presenting you with the best epoxy for your crack filling needs with this super amazing epoxy resin. Would you like to know why we stay on the top with this product? 

Well, the answer is simple!

Stay away from the crack problems with our exclusive epoxy resin. Just drop us a message and we will get in touch with you! 

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