The best way to deal with your cracked floor is here! We feature you the  best product ever for dealing with the joint and crack repair on your marble or granite floor from HiTek, one of the leading stone adhesive manufacturers. Upset with your damaged floor and looking for options to revamp it? Then that’s why we have you covered here! We have a plethora of products available to redefine your floor and give it a fresh look at an affordable price. 

Yes, you may think filling gaps in granite or marble floors is daunting! But, it is not. Because we have made it simpler for you with our polyester resin exclusively made for your needs. We are the manufacturers of polyester resin for marbles and granites on commercial buildings, which can help you with the damaged floor transformation easily. Featuring our new product HiteK Megaresin, the polyester resin for your joint filling needs on the floor. 


  • Crystal clear & non-yellowing two component polyester resin.

Packing1 Kg & 5 Kgs
Crystal Clear Polyester Resin

What makes us unique? 

  • We deal with the crystal clear epoxy resin that has given stunning results across diverse niches. 

  • Our product is highly resistant to water. No worries on how to maintain it! 

  • Good adhesive nature that will help you keep your marble or granite floor look “Wow”. 

  • Available in liquid form which can give you a better transparency and resistance.

You need to give extra care in using coloured polyester resins as it will tend to destroy the natural color of the granite or even the marble floor which impacts the ambience of the residential or commercial building. Hence we never encourage the usage of coloured polyester resins for your joint filling on the floor. 

With the product being preferred across different niches, we are pleased to help manufacturers and suppliers to deal with this exemplary product at the best price and good resistance power to make your floor free from joints and cracks. 

We make you Enjoy the adhesive and strong floor with no compromise to its beautiful look and feel in every way! We take pride in being the preferred suppliers for the crystal clear polyester resin for marbles and granites that helps our clients win the hearts of their customers!  Contact us now! 

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