HiTek MegaMastic is our premier product from the leading stone adhesive manufacturer, exclusively for you to get rid of the problems of the joint fillings on the granite or marble floor in the commercial building. It is a strong adhesive that keeps your floor strong and adherent to the external changes. With this polyester resin flooring, you no longer need to break your head to maintain the granite or marble floor. It just works out the best for you with its strong adhesive nature. 

The best part is that it is available in both liquid and solid form. So you can use it in the specific way you need it. Moreover, the product is being used by many brands across the state and country, in fact to simply stay away from the cracked floors that ruin the beauty of the space. 


  • Gives a soothing wet and glossy look

Mastic fill & Glue Sealer
1White Liquid & Solid1.5 Kg
2Cream Liquid & Solid1.5 Kg
3Golden Transparent Liquid & Solid1 Kg
4Crystal Liquid & Solid 1 Kg

What are some of the biggest perks that you enjoy with this product? 

We are the direct manufactures and suppliers for the Hitek MegaMastic product,, the polyester resin used for joint filling in granite or marble floors. Having said that, we take pride in delivering the best product to our customers and dealers all across the state or country. 

With us, you get to enjoy:

  • The best cost

  • No compromise in the quality

  • Best products for your joint filling needs

  • Keep your granite or marble floor stronger

  • Good resistance to aging

  • Withstand any temperature or weather conditions with your floors being rigid.

The list does not end here!  If you want to explore more and be a part of the success team, then enquire and grab the product today!  Special offers available (Limited period offer)

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