Well, if you are on the lookout for the best ways to get rid of the cracks on marbles and granites, then this is an exclusively carved product for you!  Firstly, why do these cracks occur on the granite or marble floor in residential and commercial buildings? If you have closely observed, you might understand that areas around sinks and cooktops are a little thinner when compared to other surfaces and hence they are prone to cracks easily. But it is no more a matter of concern for you! 

The easiest way to deal with your marble crack filling is here – Featuring the most effective marble crack filler which can also act as an instant bond adhesive for granite to make your floor beautiful stoned in the commercial structure. 


  • Natural white & non-yellowing two component epoxy paste.

PackingPart A – 1.5 KgPart B – 0.75 Kg

Excited to Know More? 

Well, let us introduce our featured marble crack filler for you! HipoGel from HiteK, a solution from the best stone adhesive manufacturer, can transform your cracked floor into a new one within a short period of time. It is well suited for both granite and marble floors to make it stunning. The marble crack repair epoxy can be very well used to fill the cracks, pits and even holes in the marbles as well as granites.  The product is highly unique in nature because of its quick adhesive nature which is beyond your expectations! It helps you convert even your minor imperfections into perfect ones and enjoy a relatively new experience thereafter. 

Product Features

  • Available in Part A and Part B packing. Part A weighs around 1.75 kg and Part B  is 0.75 kg. 

  • HiteK HipoGel Marble Crack Epoxy has really good chemical resistance which makes it a preferred adhesive for marble crack filling. 

  • It assures you high-strength bonding on the floor you apply to – both marble and granite floors. 

  • Excellent option for void-filling needs as you will be surprised with the results. 

  •  Avoid the usage of the product below 10°C (50° F).

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