Velocia TileMix – Eco

Velocia TileMix – ECO

Hitek Velocia TileMix Eco is a polymer-modified cementitious powder offering applications for interior floors. It is a cementitious thin-set polymer-modified powder to be mixed only with water to install various types of ceramic tiles & small-format natural stone on a variety of substrates.

Formulated as economical grade for interior floor installations of all types of ceramic tile, vitreous vitrified, semi-vitreous tile, and natural stones over concrete and on a variety of substrates.

Colours AvailableGradeSuitable ForSuitable Area
Grey & WhiteEN: C1T
IS: Type 1T
Medium Ceramic Tiles and Small Natural StoneFloor: Indoor Only
Wall: Indoor only upto 9ft
Size IndexSmallMediumLargeExtra Large
300 mm=1ft1ft x 1ft2ft x 2ft4ft x 2ft / 4ft x 4ft4ft x 8ft

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