Joint Filling

Here is the excellent option for you to fill cracks, holes and pits in marbles and granites. Nothing to look back as you will get the best here with the classy product that you were looking for! Hitek HipoGel is best suited for your joint sealing and is strong and very much adhesive. Protect your floor more than ever before! 

Megaresin Crystal Clear Resin

Worrying about the holes and pits on your granite floor? You no longer have to rethink as you have the best option right here in front of you! HiTek MegaResin is all you need to explore as a best crack fill option to get you a super amazing floor easily. Enjoy the adhesive and strong floor with no compromise to its beautiful look and feel! MegaResin is the polyester resin which is also available in liquid form for better transparency and resistance.

What can be the best choice for you to fill cracks on your floor? The answer lies within us! Explore the most preferred choice of stronger adhesive exclusively for you! It’s time for you to experience the best of HiTek MegaMiastic to give a better look for your granite or marble floor. No imperfections when you have a perfect sealer. Get the new look today! Available in both solid and liquid forms.

Megamastic Fill and Glue Stones
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